Web Design and Development in Dundalk, Co Louth

We provide web design in Dundalk, Co Louth, creating premium custom websites for service based businesses.

Your business is unique and you work hard to impress your clients. Why would you settle for the second best when it comes to your website? We offer you extra time, extra attention and outstanding customer service.

Bespoke Web Design and Development

First Website?

Quick tip: It's worth to get it right for the first time. We've seen way too many great businesses ideas forced into cheap templates. It might look great but will it deliver new business or it is just wasted money? Over 9 out of 10 new websites fail to deliver. Would you like to own that 1 website that constantly fills your inbox with enquiries?

You can get there with clever design custom tailored around your business. We build websites that encourages your visitors to contact you with the latest best practices built in to please search engines and visitors alike.

Website Redesign?

Is your website old or is it not mobile optimised? It sure doesn't meet your expectations but we have good news: It's time to shine! 

Start collecting compliments on the ease of use, speed and design of your new site. But more importantly, prepare that after all those years you will start getting emails and phone calls from your website visitors. How, you ask?
It's because your website will be focused on your main offerings, it will put the inportant information right in front of your customers at the right place at the right time. Also, you will finally be found in Google and will get ahead of your competitors thanks to all the visible and under the hood goodies we build into your site.

SEO: Not Ranking in Google?

Sometimes you are happy with your website but it just doesn't come up in Google. Or some of your pages are there but a search for your most important service or product only brings up your competitors on the first page.

We offer a modern and holistic approach to Search Engine Optimisation. Expertly fixing the burning issues with your website is only the first step, the real work happens over time. Based on constant research related to your industry, location and competition, we create strategic, regular new content for your website. This content stays with you and will keep working even if you decide to leave us. But after seeing the results, you will want more. :)

We usually recommend that you stick with us for at least half a year because that's how long it takes to see significant results. Don't take me wrong, you WILL see improvements every month, but it is a more like a snowball effect. Each month's work will build on the previous one and strenghten your position in Google at an accelerating rate.

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