What is Web Hosting?

All websites need web hosting. That is where the website is stored and made available on the internet. It is like renting a portion of a server in a data center that provides storage and infrastructure to serve the website to site visitors.

There are different types of hosting services. Your business may have different needs depending on what type of website it has or how many visitors the server needs to serve. And just like with any other computer, there are more and less powerful servers on the market.

Through extensive research and trial, we offer premium performance web hosting, our service is tailored specifically for small business websites.

When choosing web hosting service for your small business, it’s important that:

  • High availability is guaranteed. 99.9% availability for a server means your website is guaranteed to be offline for less than 9 hours a year. Some hosting companies (including us) offer 99.99% meaning they guarantee that servers are not down for maintenance or due to error for longer than 50 minutes a year!
  • Support is available and responsive.
  • Your website is regularly backed up and it can be restored if necessary.
  • The server is in close proximity so data doesn’t have to travel long distances.

Choose a server somewhere close, like the UK or Ireland.

What is a domain name?

Your website needs a domain name that acts as an address. People type the name in to open your website or write you an email. Domain names must be registered by an accredited registrar and renewed every year.
You can choose different popular top-level domains such as country specific ones such as .ie or .co.uk, generic ones for example .com, .co, .net or .org. There are also some novelty ones if you are into someting unique, you can pick .irish, .agency and a wide range of others.

Despite the wide choice, for local businesses we always recommend local, .ie domains. Your site visitors are more likely to contact you if your website is a .ie domain.

Your domain name can be your business name, your product or service. We can help advise in this area.

Focus Web solutions can look after your domain name and web hosting for your business, meaning you have a single point of contact for all website and email-related requests. We keep your site safe and performant.
Leave the technical work to us, and give yourself more time for your business.

Web Hosting in Dundalk, Co Louth

Our web hosting is personally supported in-house. This is something we developed primarily for hosting our client websites but you can also take advantage if this service.
We carefully choose the best web hosting based on the necessary performance for your website. We use the latest hardware and features, our hosting is protected from DDOS attacks and we run on full SSD drives for extra speed. All sites and emails are backed up daily for your peace of mind.

You don't have to pay extra for performance with us, your site will load much faster with us than with other affordable hosting companies. We maintain:

  • High performance servers for fast page loads. This ensures better visitor experience, and speed is also a Google ranking signal.
  • Daily backups stored at a different location. No matter what happens, we can restore your site (and emails) in no time without any data loss.
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring. We are alerted within minutes of your site going offline. This is faster than most customers can realize that the site is down, and we jump in to fix it immediately.
  • Local support you can talk to. To make things easier, our support also happens to be web developers who can handle just about any question you have.

Contact us now on +353 42 942 4170 if you are looking for an especially reliable hosting supported locally by a business who can help you from web design to hosting or even search engine optimisation down the line.

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