Non-Profit Website Redesign

This is how we helped

The I.B.W.F. (Irish Ballroom & Waltzing Federation) is a non-profit voluntary organisation, they promote ballroom dancing.

They had an old website made for them by someone they new. The site was designed to publish information for their members only such as competition results, photographs and announcements.

Helen from I.B.W.F didn't know what they were missing, only that the website did not work to bring new members and it was very limited in promoting their events too.

The solution:

Since the old site was made by using old, unsustainable technology a complete redesign and development was necessary.

The goal was to shift the focus of the website to promote events, encourage new memberships and help funding the organisation by doing that. All existing, members only functionality was simplifyed, merged and brought out of the way while made it easier to navigate the archive.

You can now apply for a trial membership online and get instant access to the next competition.

The future:

With features such as the map based social dancing event finder and the dance teacher database we would like to give the  best service for Irish ballroom dancers and eventually become the go to place for ballroom dancing.


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