Web Design Services in Dundalk & County Louth

Bespoke web design in Dundalk, Co Louth

On the lookout for a web designer that will actually work with your business and provide a bespoke digital asset that perfectly reflects your brand?

At Focus Web Solutions, we don’t just build bland websites or upload dated themes and call that ‘web design’, we believe a website is much more than graphics and a collection of pages.

We pride ourselves on fully integrating with your business to not only understand what you want out of a website, but to also put ourselves in the shoes of your audience to firmly grasp what they want to see when visiting your website.

It’s not enough to add a new template to your existing website and hope for the best.

From UX and branding to quality design that is visitor-focused, we love to help businesses realise the potential that a properly built website provides.

Why invest in a custom-build website for your business?

How your website looks and ‘feels’ for visitors is often the first impression they get of your brand.

From the tone of voice you use in your content to site usability and a personalised touch, these are all things that visitors will be using to establish trust and willingness to go with your business above its competition.

Our first step in building any website is to create a detailed brief with the decision makers in your business, to not only outline the type of site you’re looking for but to also establish why you want a new website to begin with.

We do this for the following reasons:

  • To accurately wireframe your new website based on the requirements of your business
  • For discussion purposes in order to put ourselves in the shoes of your visitors
  • To provide impartial advice on what type of site build and UX necessities will need to be at the forefront of your new website

For example, if you run an emergency plumbing business in Dundalk, then you’re going to want to make it as easy as possible for visitors to contact you, without bombarding them with too much information from the outset.

If you run an eCommerce store, then there are wider implications around UX and how ‘heavy’ your site can be (as Page Speed and overall load times are crucial for SEO success).

This is why we emphasise ‘bespoke web design’ above a copy and paste design solution.

No website is the same, and neither are the requirements of a business.

We work out what is best for you and your customers, and then get to work on building the site you’ve been waiting on.

Our main areas of priority for web design projects

As we’ve discussed, no website brief is ever going to be the same. There are however core aspects of web design that must be considered at every stage of the build.

The following aspects are what we strive to perfect at the beginning of any project, so that you can rest assured your website is built effectively from its foundations.

UX - What does your target audience want to see when landing on your website? Will they be using mobile above desktop? How do you need to position your website content to appeal to your core demographic?

Working with your business, we need to understand exactly what visitors want to see from your site and how they want to interact with it. Ultimately, if you don’t consider this at the initial stages, then you’re not going to have a site that is as optimised for conversions as it could be.

Custom Design - We could write all day about how web design is not simply uploading a new theme or changing a logo! But it really is true, and lightyears away from what we offer.

All of our clients receive a bespoke build from the outset, and we essentially become an external part of your team throughout the process. Your input as the business owner is actively encouraged and worked-into our design process, so that you have a finished site you’re proud to promote.

SEO Implications - Speaking of promoting your website, you’re going to struggle if your site is not built with search engines in mind.

This is often the issue with many free website builders and clunky templates. They’re simply too script-heavy and make the job of discovering and crawling your website a chore for search engines. Naturally, your visibility in the search results will suffer because of this.

The sites we build are fluid, responsive, quick to load, and structured in a way that search engines not only find easy to crawl, but will continue to revisit and crawl too.

We also provide SEO services for local businesses who want to ensure their digital marketing strategies are as up to date and as considered as the web design process.

Discuss a bespoke website build with our team

At Focus Web Solutions, we’re a straight-talking bunch. There’s no jargon or needless fluff related to web design solutions, just an approach that works best for your team and ours.

From a bespoke site build for business owners who are yet to have a website, to a complete overhaul of your existing website, we’d love to work with you and deliver a site that is completely aligned with the goals of your business.

Contact our team today via the contact form or to have a chat about your website you can call at a time that suits you on +353 42 942 4170 .